Did an Airline Really Make Someone A Pilot After 24 Years as Cleaner?

The news of a cleaner becoming an aeroplane pilot is a little old which happened somewhere in the summer of 2018.

But, the news publications and other websites pick the story up and sensationalise it using emotional headlines, like these.

The motive is simple, to get eyeballs, as many they can.

But, did an airline company really make a cleaner and aeroplane pilot? When you get into the details, the story is not that surprising.

The news comes from Nigeria, Mohammed Abubakar started working as an aeroplane cleaner about 24 years ago. However, he did not stay an aeroplane cleaner for the whole 24 years.

Mohammed wanted to study further and he also applied at can you now Polytechnic but unfortunately, he couldn’t send his application on time as he wasn’t accepted.

So, instead of waiting for another year to apply, he decided to take a casual job as an aircraft cleaner at Kabo Air. Since she was hard working and was interested in aviation he managed to get promoted and also got a hike in salary.

After that, he moved to Aero Contractor as a flight attendant after 8 years. He saved his salary to pay for his private pilot licence in Canada, which he got after successfully finishing his training, for more info visit

He went to Nigeria again and found out that he needs a commercial licence and the deputy managing director of his previous employer, assisted him and sent him back to Canada for his commercial licence

And he finally became the captain at Azman Air. Happy ending.

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