9 Best Airplane Hacks You Should Be Aware of as a Frequent Flyer

Are you a frequent flyer? If you are reading this article, then chances are you are.

So let’s talk about some airplane hacks that we can use to make the most of your Air Travel.

Get a 2nd meal

If you have booked a vegetarian on your flight, even actually get yourself a second me your good enough.

The trick was actually shared on Quora by someone. They said if you are able to quickly finish and put the tray under the seat in front of you. When the regular service comes eating the second mail.

Digitalized important documents

This is actually useful almost everywhere and not just on flights. Can all your important documents and keep them stored on your mobile phone.

Scanning apps are available for free in the Play Store or in the app store and would allow you to easily scan your ID cards and other important documents so that you can have them handy on your phone.

Free Premium Lounge Access

There are special credit cards and debit cards issued by a bank that allows you to access premium launches on airports for free.

If you are a frequent flyer, you should really look into it and get yourself that card. One free visit is almost worth the yearly charges on the card itself.

Carry hand baggage only save time on exit

Avoid check-in luggage if you can,  as you can save as much as 1 hour in both ways.

While boarding the plane and also while exiting the airport as you won’t have to wait for getting your package checked-in, and after that, when you have landed, you don’t have to wait for the luggage and just exit the airport.

The Headrests are adjustable in Flights

They go up and down and the wings fold out to rest your neck against. Most people don’t know.

Too Noisy? Get Earplugs

The ambient noise of the airplane is quite irritating, the best thing you can do is carry earplugs. Even better if you can buy noise-canceling headphones. Check out here are a bunch of them.

Watch favorite movies on your smartphone or Tablet

In-flight Wi-Fi is going to be a common thing in the next few years but is still going to be a little costly. So instead of streaming content on a costly Wi-Fi, you can download the content beforehand.

Before boarding the Airplane, you can use the free Wi-Fi at the airport to download movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Both have the option to download for offline viewing.

Stretch your legs in the toilet

If the toilets are relatively empty, go in there, sit on the closed seat and stretch your legs up the wall. It helps rebalance blood circulation.

Hang out for 10 mins like that – it’s one of the few places on a plane you can get your feet above your head for a while.

Ready to eat food packs

On a long haul, bring a cup of noodle soup. Ask for boiling water and enjoy a salty meal in between other meals.

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