What is the Maximum and Average Speed of an Airplane

Another curious question that gets asked frequently is about the speed of the Airplane.

What is the highest speed, and what is the average speed of an airplane depends on what type of Airplane it is.

There are airplanes that can travel as fast as 2200 mph, awesome can as slow as 30 mph.

SR 71

The SR 71, which is said to be the fastest plane, has a maximum speed of 2200 mph, and its average speed is around 1220 mph.

Fieseler Storch

While some old airplanes, such as Fieseler Storch, have a cheap house cleaning and top speed of 109 mph and has an average speed of 69 mph.

Commercial Passenger Airplanes

The large commercial aircraft that carry a few hundred people have an average speed between 400 to 500 mph, as they have to maintain fuel efficiency as well.

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